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You’ve seen them around the office. Their calendar is full of appointments. Yet, what if I told you your team was only working two days per week when they should be working five? That statement would probably be cause for concern. What could they possibly be doing three days a week if they aren’t working? Research has shown that we spend up to three work days per week on common tasks like gathering information, emailing, scheduling and attending meetings, and only two days on the work we were hired to complete.

Last week, Google introduced G Suite, the new Google Apps for Work. Meant to reduce repetitive tasks that take up our time, GSuite uses machine intelligence to help you reclaim your time and work together as a team to better serve your clients and customers. Keep reading to learn how GSuite will reform the way you work.

Smarter Storage

1/3rd of that wasted time is spent searching for and gathering information. Quick Access in Drive on Android puts the files most important to you right at your fingertips. Drawing from previous behaviors & activity, Drive understands how you work so it can help you find what you need more quickly. Google’s research has shown that it can save up to 50% of the time users would spend trying to find a file.

Smarter Scheduling

The more people involved in a meeting, the harder it can be to find a time that suites everyone. Google Calendar will help you easily identify a time when everyone is free and can even suggest available meeting rooms. If Google Calendar is unable to find an available time that works for everyone, it can even suggest time conflicts that may be easier to resolve, like standing 1:1 meetings.

Smarter Spreadsheets

How many countless hours have you spent trying to manipulate the data in a spreadsheet to produce the results you need? Complicated formulas and “computer speak” are not native to many employees. With GSuite’s machine intelligence, you can now simply enter your question using plain text (in plain english) and Explore in Google Sheets will use its Natural Language Processing to translate your question into a formula to provide you with an instant answer.

sheets smart

Smarter Documents

Recommended related topics, image suggestions, and more content to discover are just a few of the ways Explore in Google Docs can enhance your Google Docs. Explore in Docs can even help you find a related document in Google Drive, so you don’t have to waste time switching between apps.

Smarter Presentations

Formatting slides is a huge time waster, but creating the perfect presentation is important to the story you’re trying to tell. Explore in Google Slides will offer layout suggestions as you add content to your presentation so you can focus more on the story and less on the formatting. In just a few clicks, you’ll have drool-worthy presentations while still saving up to 30% of the time you normally would have spent creating.

We’re excited to start using these new features for ourselves so we can help our clients navigate them as well. The best thing about the new GSuite features is that they’ll continue to grow and improve as you continue to use them. The more they know, the more they can help.

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Jessica Bledsoe

Jessica Bledsoe


Jessica Bledsoe is the co-founder of River City Networks located in Louisville, KY. River City Networks is Louisville’s first IT services firm specializing in Google Apps platforms for businesses with less than 75 employees.

When she’s not managing the day-to-day operations at River City Networks, Jessica enjoys traveling, cuddling her dogs, and binge-watching reality TV.