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Who can access my files? Is my information at risk? Is this the most secure service available? These are common concerns when considering file sharing services, and with GSuite, the new Google Apps for Work, these concerns are put to rest with Google’s countless advantages in the modern business world.

With over 550 security experts on their team, as well as encouraging outside assistance by offering monetary rewards for any found vulnerabilities within their system, Google goes the extra mile to keep your business’ information secure. Keep reading to find out just how GSuite helps you tackle safe, company-wide sharing.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

When thinking information security, the first thing that comes to mind is preventing any sensitive and private information from being wrongfully released. That prevention can start directly in-house, with the blocking of certain phrases, terms, and even information from being sent out via email. With DLP, all emails and attachments are scanned and your company chooses how to respond: blocking, quarantining, or even requiring the email be rewritten.

2-Step Verification

Two-step verification is similar to what your bank uses to verify your identity. With 2-step, no one can access your Google accounts without also having access to your cell phone. You’ll receive a one-time password when signing into unknown devices to prevent others from logging into your accounts. Encrypted Security Keys are also used to prevent common phishing techniques when bypassing the firewall.

Single Sign On

GSuite makes file sharing all the more convenient with a single login. This way, you can connect existing logins to GSuite Apps using SAML 2.0 security verification.

Information Sharing & Protection

Taking advantage of Google’s cloud sharing, Google Drive, ensures easy access to information. You also have the option to disable sharing, copying, and printing of documents to maintain information security. You get to decide who sees your documents and exactly what they can do with that access.

Mobile Device Security

We all like the convenience of accessing our work on the go and with this, advanced security on our mobile devices is vital. From your GSuite control panel, you can monitor mobile devices and can push security configurations for all devices on your domain. Additionally, you can remotely wipe a device in the instance it is lost, stolen, or an employee is terminated.


Those clickbait emails that go to that folder everyone forgets about? Google lets less than 0.1% of Spam through and blocks malware with real-time scanning of email attachments.

GSuite security measures have taken a weight off our shoulders and we can’t wait for it to do the same for you. Interested in learning more about GSuite? Drop us a line below to schedule your free consultation!

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Jessica Bledsoe

Jessica Bledsoe


Jessica Bledsoe is the co-founder of River City Networks located in Louisville, KY. River City Networks is Louisville’s first IT services firm specializing in Google Apps platforms for businesses with less than 75 employees.

When she’s not managing the day-to-day operations at River City Networks, Jessica enjoys traveling, cuddling her dogs, and binge-watching reality TV.