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Mobility and collaboration are words that get thrown around a lot when talking about making a move to the cloud, and while you likely understand the general use of these terms, you may not understand what it means in regards to how you work.

Mobility simply means you have the ability to work outside of the office. You don’t have to be sitting at your desk or in front of your computer to work. Instead, you have access to all of your important files and documents regardless of the device you’re working on or the space you’re in. No more flash drives. No more emailing yourself attachments. No more delayed meetings because you forgot an important file. Mobility means you can work from anywhere, on virtually any device.

Collaboration, on the other hand, means that you can work together in real time.

Collaboration means that you no longer have to save a file, email it to another team member then wait on them to make changes and email it back to you. This often creates multiple file copies that make it difficult to find the most accurate and up-to-date version when you need it. Not to mention the time you’ve lost sending, receiving, downloading, and searching.

Simply put, mobility and collaboration are synonymous with productivity. And for businesses whose time = money, increased productivity means less time spent on meaningless tasks and more time spent on profitable ones.

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Jessica Bledsoe

Jessica Bledsoe


Jessica Bledsoe is the co-founder of River City Networks located in Louisville, KY. River City Networks is Louisville’s first IT services firm specializing in Google Apps platforms for businesses with less than 75 employees.

When she’s not managing the day-to-day operations at River City Networks, Jessica enjoys traveling, cuddling her dogs, and binge-watching reality TV.¬†