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A number of small businesses are still using (or even,,, etc) accounts to conduct business. While a standard Gmail account does provide many of the tools you need for business, it is made for individual use and thus comes with limitations. Google’s answer to business needs comes in the form of G Suite.

With G Suite, you can base your company around a single domain (like ours, that connects you and your staff. While this does come with a low cost – $5 per month per user – the benefits of this are endless when considering all that comes with linking your company. Want to know more? Keep reading on how moving your company to G Suite provides your small business with the cloud computing experience it deserves!

Transfer Your Current Email

Do you already have a business email from an outside provider that you don’t want to give up? Transferring your domain to G Suite is a simple process. We can even migrate your emails to the new account, setup email forwarding, and many of your labels and/or folders can be transferred as well.

Email Account Ownership

When your company links its staff with a business email, your company owns these emails linked to the domain. This prevents any conflict with departing employees. When they leave, their password can be changed and any incoming emails are forwarded elsewhere.

File Ownership

When your company uses G Suite, anything created therein belongs to the company. No matter who creates the file, all files created in Docs, Slides, and Sheets belong to the company. Once a user is removed from the domain, they’ll no longer have access to these important company files. In the same regard, once a new employee is added to the domain, they’ll automatically have access to important files.

File Sharing

Skip out on email attachments to the whole company with flexible file sharing. Want to give everyone access to edit a document? Want to let people view a spreadsheet, but not edit? Want to be able to collaborate on the same document in real-time? All of this can be done with a few clicks.

Group Email Addresses

Creating email addresses for entire departments is now possible with group email addresses with G Suite. Need an email for the accounting department? Want a general support line for your company? This allows emails to go to every member of that department without individually entering emails.

Multiple Email Aliases

With G Suite, you can assign multiple names to a single email address. While your business card may list the formal, verbally giving someone takes the convenience of G Suite to the next level, and your emails to the same inbox. Have a commonly misspelled name? Add alias variations to ensure you never miss out on an important email.

The same applies to varying domain names. For example, changing to doesn’t have to cause an uproar. This way, if you decide to rebrand your company, you can add this as a domain alias and receive all emails in one convenient place.

Company Branded User Interface

Not interested in seeing Google’s branding everywhere? This is easy with the ability to post your company’s logo throughout all of GSuite.

Increased File Storage

G Suite Basic provides double the amount of storage than a standard gmail account while G Suite Business gives you unlimited Cloud storage.

The simple deployment of G Suite can take your company’s cloud computing experience to the next level, and we can’t wait to help.

Want to try before you buy? Click here to try G Suite completely free for 14-days.

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Jessica Bledsoe

Jessica Bledsoe


Jessica Bledsoe is the co-founder of River City Networks located in Louisville, KY. River City Networks is Louisville’s first IT services firm specializing in Google Apps platforms for businesses with less than 75 employees.

When she’s not managing the day-to-day operations at River City Networks, Jessica enjoys traveling, cuddling her dogs, and binge-watching reality TV.