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Action items in comments

Including action items in the comments gives you the ability to assign tasks to your colleagues. To assign an action item: Highlight your text. A comment bubble will pop up on the right side of the Doc. Select the comment bubble Typing + or @ will bring up common... read more

Turn on Spreadsheet notifications

Receiving notifications on changes to a spreadsheet are helpful when is is a sheet you own or are collaborating on. To turn on notifications: Select Tools Go to Notification Rules From here you can be notified when A change is made When someone submits a form When... read more

Add read receipts to your emails

Adding read receipts to your emails ensures that they are being seen and helps in planning follow up calls in the event you do not receive a response. To add a read receipt: In a new or responding email, select the More options arrow in the lower right corner of the... read more

Use revision history in Google Files

Working in Google editors (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings) means automatic updates of all edits to ensure zero data loss. Users with edit access can view all changes made and by which user. They can also revert the file to previous versions to undo certain edits. To... read more

Hide rows and columns in Google Sheets

To hide a row or column in Google Sheets: Right click the row or column Select Hide row or Hide column When wanting to hide multiple rows or columns: Click the first row/column and drag to the last row/column            or Hold the Shift key on your keyboard and... read more

Reporting phishing emails

Almost everyone has encountered phishing emails when using their business (and personal!) email account. These emails are typically used to commit fraud by collecting private information from the user. While your Gmail account does a fantastic job preventing these... read more