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View and change how folders are shared

Interested in who can view, edit, and access your folders, or folders you have access to? Look no further. In Google Drive, double click the folder to open it. Hover over people to get a look at the folder sharing settings, including who owns the folder and... read more

Add images to your Google Sheet

In Google Sheets, open a spreadshee To add an image as a header, at the top, click View > Freeze and specify the number of rows or columns to freeze. Click anywhere in the frozen section where you want the image. To add an image to the body of a spreadsheet, click... read more

Use keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

With as convenient as computers can be, we have grown accustomed to accomplishing a task with a click of a few keys. Luckily, Google acknowledges this in giving us the function of keyboard shortcuts. In Gmail, click Settings and then click Settings Scroll to... read more

Access your Google Drive files from any device

With Google Drive, you can now access your files anywhere, any time, from any device. Here’s how. Browser or device Requirements How to access Web browser (any device) Install any web browser Go to Desktop computer Install Drive for Mac/PC... read more

Creating a custom signature in Gmail

An email signature serves as a brief summary of you, your title, and your contact information. To include one with every email you compose: Click Settings and select Settings On the General page, scroll down to the Signature section and compose your personal... read more